Dr. Anjan Kaushik can provide specialized care for your ankles and feet.  If your pain is not improving or you have had a recent injury that results in a change in your daily function, please call our office and request an appointment at 765.521.7385.

The ankles and feet form the end of the linked chain that runs from the spine all the way to the toes.  Problems in the lower legs can affect the hip and knee joints as well as the spine, and vice versa.  This can cause changes in the way a person walks, and can lead to pain and loss of function.  Studies estimate that three-fourths of Americans will have ankle or foot problems at some point in their lives.  

Although most conditions can get better on their own or with changes in shoe wear, some can grow into lingering problems.  There are many structures in the foot and ankle that can develop symptoms, including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, arteries, veins, and nerves.  There are several treatment options available.

Here are some of the conditions treated by Dr. Kaushik at the Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine:

* Fractures & Dislocations of the ankle and foot

* Achilles tendon ruptures

* Ankle sprains & instability

* Lisfranc injuries

* Tarsal tunnel syndrome

* Arthritis of the foot and ankle

* Great toe arthritis – hallux rigidus

* Great toe deformity, bunions – hallux valgus

* Hammer toe, claw toe

* Morton’s neuroma